JOHN JACOBSEN excels at helping his film students truly grasp and begin to unravel what is a complex and difficult art form. A superb teacher and speaker, his classes are as much fun as they are educational.

- Winda Benedetti, Contributing Writer, Editor, Producer MSNBC.com

SHANA HAGAN is a great collaborator who cares deeply about the work she is doing... In documentary filmmaking, she brings a lot to the table, including versatility, energy, a good eye and a good heart.

- Academy Award-winning director Jessica Yu

Of the hundreds of filmmakers I have seen come through UCLA in the past 50 years, DOUG PRAY is one of my favorites. His films are consistently fascinating and he is a terrific teacher. He is without pretense and knows how to explain film succinctly and humorously.

- Howard Suber, Professor Emeritus UCLA School of Film & Television; Author: "Letters to Young Filmmakers" and "The Power of Film"

If you are looking to unleash the wild winds of creative thinking and a rock solid, in the moment, work ethic into your filmmaking; look no further than the perpetually vital PETE VOGT.

- John Comerford, Producer, President, Paradigm Studio


Peter J. VogtCamp founder Peter J. Vogt has been a tech worker, farmer, mountaineer, and, for the last 15 years a filmmaker. His work has premiered, among other places, at AFI, Sundance, and the New York Film Festival. Highlights include: "Nuts & Bolts," winner of several film festival prizes, "Up Thornton Creek" which appeared in the Emmy winning series "Natural Heroes", "High & Outside," about pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee, and "Icons Among Us: Jazz in the Present Tense" (the highly acclaimed television series and feature film), which was chosen to be part of AFI's 20/20 international program. His latest film, "Dino Saluzzi: Every Sound Is Music" will hit the festival circuit in 2014. Another project called "The Play," about the most famous play in college football history, is in the fine cut stage. A third film, "Suffer Machine," about extreme alpinist Chad Kellogg is snowed in at 20,000 and awaiting a weather window. He is vice president of the innovative Northwest Film Forum. Pete splits time between Seattle and Twisp, and is the father of four semi-feral children.


Doug PrayDirector Doug Pray’s exuberant portraits of subcultures and maverick individuals have led him to three Sundance premieres, critical raves, numerous awards, and worldwide distribution. His feature documentaries include the Emmy Award-winning "Art & Copy," as well as "Surfwise," "Big Rig," "Infamy," "Scratch," and "Hype!," several of which he also edited or shot. His newest film, "Levitated Mass," is about artist Michael Heizer and a 340-ton boulder, and will be released in 2014. Doug has directed dozens of commissioned short films and documentary-style commercials for a wide range of major clients, including an AIDS awareness campaign, which won him his first Emmy. He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, has a BA in sociology from Colorado College, and an MFA from the UCLA School of Film and Television. He lives in Los Angeles where he is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, The Directors Guild of America, and has served on the jury of numerous film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, AFI, Big Sky, and Silverdocs. He has been a guest professor at many of the top film schools in the country and loves teaching almost as much as he loves documentary filmmaking. Visit: www.dougpray.com.


Shana HaganFor more than 20 years, Shana Hagan has photographed Oscar and Emmy-winning documentary and narrative feature films, shot countless hours of nonfiction and reality-based television, filmed many commercials, and worked with such distinguished filmmakers as Michael Apted, Jessica Yu, and Doug Pray. Her work includes the Oscar-winning "Breathing Lessons" and 11 Sundance Film Festival selections including "Queen of Versailles," "Shakespeare Behind Bars," and "After Innocence." Shana was chosen to be a Director of Photography at the prestigious Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab in 2003 and has been nominated for an Emmy for her work on "Survivor: China." Shana filmed the pilot and four seasons of the NBC hit comedy "Parks and Recreation," was the 2nd Unit DP on the Netflix "Arrested Development" series, and shot four seasons of "Survivor," and three of "The Apprentice." Her commercial work includes spots for Kohl's, Army, Disney, Ford, Toyota, Kodak and others. Her feature documentary work includes "Standing Room Only," "Food, Inc.", "Last Call at the Oasis," and "365 Days: A Year in Happy Valley." (directed by Wild Mind alum Erik Proulx). She is involved with a number of ongoing documentary projects including Michael Apted’s "Married in America." Visit: www.shanahagan.com.


John JacobsenJohn Jacobsen is co-founder of TheFilmSchool in Seattle and is the host and director of the national PBS show, "The Artist Toolbox." He has been involved in the film, theatre and television industries for more than 30 years and teaches master classes in writing, directing, and acting, all around the country. Jacobsen directed the feature film "Around the Fire," which won Italy’s Giffoni Film Festival and was nominated for The Best Independent Filmmaker’s Award at SIFF, and he has produced several features, including the Columbia/Tri-Star picture "Nervous Ticks" starring Bill Pullman and Peter Boyle. He's directed commercials, sold numerous screenplays, and was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles. His short films, including "Arthur," and the recent, "Spinning" have played at festivals around the world and have won numerous awards. He has also worked under Academy-Award winning documentarian Charles Guggenheim. John is on the faculty at TheFilmSchool, Freehold Theatre, and has taught at finer institutions including the University of Washington and the University of California, where he also managed the Motion Picture and Television Department at UCLA Extension. John’s inspirational seminars on the fundamentals of storytelling, the importance of narrative structure, and how to create empathy, emotion and involvement in the viewer are as essential to making great documentary films as they are to scripting dramas.


Wild Mind's year-round coordinator is Stefanie Malone, who attended the program in 2012. Based in Seattle, Stefanie is an award-winning producer and currently serves as the Managing Director of the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, the world's largest youth film festival. Prior to working for NFFTY and Wild Mind she was an Executive Producer at KCTS Public Television in Seattle. Cameraman and editor Edwin Stevens is our full time staff member who handles logistics, equipment, and hands-on assistance during camp. Robin Kamerling is Wild Mind’s local coordinator and advisor. Our delicious, organic and seasonal meals are prepared with love and laughter by Cameron Green Catering. This website was designed and built by Michael Gossen of Helium Digital Media.


Some years ago, Doug Pray stayed at Pete Vogt’s ranch in Twisp when he was broke and creatively lost during the making of his first documentary feature, "Hype!" Pete fed Doug sage advice and a lot of hot chilies from his garden, introduced him to new friends and ideas, and the film was reborn. They both won a ticket to the Sundance Film Festival the next year. A few years later, Doug met cinematographer Shana Hagan while working at the Sundance Institute’s Summer Filmmaker’s Labs in Utah, and the two have collaborated on various professional projects since. John Jacobson aligned with Pete via the filmmaking community in Seattle; John is the co-creator of The Film School, a unique institution devoted to the art of storytelling in film, and Pete is an independent filmmaker and Vice President of the Northwest Film Forum. Possessing vast experiences and skills in non-fiction filmmaking, the four have teamed up to give back to the doc community in the unique form of a film camp.

Sarah BernsWild Mind was more than just a documentary film workshop. It was a rare chance to be with a group of creative people who all felt passion about the same things that are important to me… Doug, Pete, Shana and John created such a caring, exciting, and supportive environment at Wild Mind that the learning felt infectious. I fell in love with story and documentary films over and over again.

– 2012 Filmmaker Sarah Berns, Winthrop, WA
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